Research Foundation Herbarium

Research Foundation Herbarium

As per Index Herbarium (1st December 2018), there are 3,095 active herbaria in the world, and containing 387,513,053 specimens. Globally, there are 178 countries with at least one herbarium with nearly 12,278 staff members and associates. In India alone, 95 active Herbaria are present.

Patanjali Research Foundation Herbarium (PRFH) is accredited by Index Herbarium, New York Botanical Garden, USA. More than 10,000 specimens of plants were collected from different parts of India.

Salient Features

10,000 plant specimens of Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms from Eastern and Western Himalaya and Upper Gangetic Plain are present in Patanjali Herbarium with digitalized 2,000 herbarium sheets. For a nominal cost, both students and researchers are able to get a certificate of plant identification here.

Work for Herbarium

  • Collection of Plant Material
  • Drying of Plant Material
  • Poisoning
  • Mounting and stretching
  • Identification
  • Accession and systematic arrangement